Call for submissions for the Spring 2020 Ecological Citizenship issue of Minding Nature:

Historically democratic society and governance have leaned heavily on the theory and practice of “citizenship”—autonomous and just communal human action and responsibility. Yet, in myriad ways and on a wide range of scales, from planetary atmosphere to oceans to local wetlands and frog ponds, democracy is failing to provide a just and ecological vision and protect inclusive social and ecological systems in its laws and regulations. Only a few minutes from midnight on the ticking clock of climate change, and on the eve of a consequential 2020 US presidential election, we believe it is time to raise the question of what ecological democratic citizenship is and can be. Accordingly, the Center for Humans and Nature will be publishing a specially themed issue of Minding Nature in Spring of 2020. 

Democratic citizenship aspires to champion social justice and human rights. But as these struggles continue, can democratic citizenship also be ecological? Can it take on the added weight of an ecocentric perspective and set of values at a time when those values are both unusually vulnerable and unusually urgent in their demands? Is an ecological consciousness and conscience compatible with the social and political questions that have been at the heart of the democratic tradition of popular self-rule? Are those questions incorrigibly human centered or unique to the western cultural tradition? Has the tradition, discourse, and worldview of democratic citizenship ceased to provide adequate ethical, collective, and personal direction in the Anthropocene and amid the multiple planetary crises now in progress?

The Center invites submissions in the form of essays, artwork, poems, and reflections for the citizenship themed 2020 Spring Minding Nature issue. We encourage a diversity of perspectives that address historical viewpoints, alternative forms of public decision making, critiques of the Citizenship concept itself, and ways we might imagine what an Ecological Citizenship can look like. An honorarium will be granted to each accepted submission. The deadline for submissions is February 21, 2020. We look forward to creating this special issue with you! 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.